Not for Profit

Did you know that the Cape Breton Ski Club / Ski Ben Eoin is the only not for profit ski area in Nova Scotia? We are governed by a volunteer board of directors and we rely on the participation of our members in order to serve our community. Here’s how you can get involved!

Our Mission

  • to encourage our community toward the enjoyment of alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing
  • to develop skills among men, women, and children and to promote safety, good fellowship and sportsmanship
  • to offer outdoor activities that emphasize full family participation and an active lifestyle
  • to create an equal opportunity for all by removing socioeconomic barriers
  • to promote the principles of inclusion, diversity and health and wellness for all people
  • to reach out and build continuing relationships with our community partners

New for 2024!

Snow School Volunteers

Want to improve your skiing skills ~ free of charge? Yes, you read that right…FREE of charge!
We will be offering volunteers willing to help out with the weekday school program 2-hour ski improvement sessions FREE this winter!


So, what’s the catch?

All we ask in return is for a small volunteer commitment from you to help us with the weekday school visit program. Let us explain ~

Schools visit our hill on Fridays, and sometimes Thursdays, to allow their students the opportunity to learn how to ski. Often, the groups are fairly large, or there are multiple schools booked in for the same day. We are looking for volunteers to help our instructors initiate these eager students.

Morning duties include:

● Ticketing the students upon their arrival
● Helping students put on their ski or snowboard boots
● Assisting the instructors in showing the students how to put on their skis and how to glide with 1 ski, then 2 skis (on a flat surface)
● Assisting the instructors on the Bunny Hill as they teach students how to stop, turn and control their speed

Afternoon duties include:

● Supervise the students who require practice stopping, turning and controlling their speed on the Bunny Hill so that they can eventually progress to the Groovy Goose
● This duty entails mainly reinforcing what the students learned in the morning session ~ ‘coaching’ as opposed to ‘teaching’



Q: Who will be teaching the ski improvement sessions?
A: Our very own Darren MacDonald, level 3 instructor, will be conducting the ski improvement sessions for volunteers. Prior to the first school visit, Darren will also give volunteers the necessary information required to perform the volunteer duties. The improvement sessions will focus on individual requests as well as group improvement skills


Q: How many sessions can I expect?
A: The sessions will be offered once a week for at least 7 weeks.


Q: Do I have to volunteer for the morning AND afternoon duties?
A: No, you have the choice of morning and/or afternoon. Each morning is a 2 hour commitment and each afternoon is another 2 hour commitment. So, you can volunteer either 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, or volunteer for both options, if you want to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Q: Can I switch from morning to afternoon duties (and vice versa) or do I have to pick one duty and always do the same shift throughout the winter?
A: No, you can change your shift with each school!

Q: Do I have to commit to EVERY school visit?
A: It would be preferable if you could volunteer for every school visit day, or at least as many as possible. However, schools are booked for Fridays (and not all Fridays have schools booked in). If a Friday is fully booked, we will accept schools on other weekdays, but we try to keep these ‘exceptions’ to a minimum. If you are planning a ski trip or other vacation, you can, of course be excused, but please give us some notice.

Q: How will I know when there are schools booked in?
A: You will receive an email Mon or Tues of the week a school is expected. You will be requested to confirm your availability and preference of shift (am, pm or both). You will also be informed if a school happens to cancel.

Q: Great! How do I sign up?
A: Please feel free to email our snow school director Sue MacLean to sign up or to ask any other questions you may have! Remember to include your name, email address, and phone number. Thank you for your interest!! We look forward to having you join the snow school team!!