Ski Ben Eoin is the promotional name of the facilities owned by the Cape Breton Ski Club. Ski Ben Eoin offers downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.


With over 38 000 visits per season, your easy-to-read sign can be viewed for 8 minutes each time your chairs make it to the top of Ski Ben Eoin.


For over 50 years, Ski Ben Eoin has played an integral role in our community ~ bringing families together and encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. Your support helps us ensure that we’ll be doing this for 50 more!



Membership Backdrop

Want to get the maximum exposure for your dollar? Make sure your logo finds its way onto every season membership we print this season!

We make a custom backdrop with your logo and get every member to say ‘cheese’ with your logo in the background! In an average season we have over 1600 members, and our numbers are on the rise…so this is a great way to get plenty of exclusive brand exposure for $2000 plus HST.

Every member becomes a walking billboard, and your backdrop remains on display for the duration of the season. You can’t go wrong with this investment!



Chair Sign Sponsor

Our most popular method of sponsorship is by way of chair sign ads!

We have 98 chairs on our lift and many local businesses choose to advertise their products and services on our chairs. 

Our current chair sign offering is 1 chair sign (1ft H x 4ft W) for two years for only $600 plus HST… that means you receive approximately 7 months of exposure. You can’t beat an opportunity like that!

You can either have your experts draft a design for you, or pay a one-time set-up fee of $150 plus HST, and our Marketing and Promotions rep will create for you!





Outdoor Advertising

In addition to chair sign advertisements, we are now offering two additional means of outdoor advertising at Ski Ben Eoin:

1. Outdoor Signage ~ this package includes one outdoor sign (2ft H x 3ft W) for two years at a cost of  $1000 plus HST. These signs are posted in a central location that is visible during both ski season and golf season, so you will enjoy year-round exposure for your brand for only $500/yr at this rate! 

2. Chairlift Tower Decals ~ our chairlift has 11 support towers from top to bottom and you can now take advantage of a new and innovative way to market your brand! This package entitles you to an exclusive 3 year advertisement opportunity which means that your brand, and your brand alone, will be present and prominent on the tower(s) that you purchase for the duration of 3 years. Enjoy this new marketing opportunity for $800 plus HST per tower, per year. Limited availability!








In-House Advertising

We have two different options for in-house advertising:

1. Digital Media ~ there are 3 prominent media screens across our property that we use to promote our events and sponsors all day long! We have a large TV in the main entrance of the chalet, one near the checkout in the Chalet Cafe and another in our Customer Service Centre. Each ad receives approximately 20 features per hour per screen. That’s a whole lot of exposure for only $600 plus HST for the season!

2. Print Media ~ we have 7 bulletin boards throughout the Chalet and the Customer Service Centre as well as restroom stalls and wall advertisement sleeves. Taking advantage of this option means that your ad will be posted in prime public locations across the property for the entire season, for $800 plus HST.

We’re open 7 days a week, all season long (weather permitting of course) and entertain not only local visitors, but tourists as well. Expand your brand through advertising with Ski Ben Eoin!







Event Sponsorship

Throughout the course of the season, we typically host at least 2 special events each month. In addition to special events, we also host weekly programs and clubs! In an average season, we seek sponsors for events such as:

1. Monday Night Recreational Racing

2. Ski Ben Eoin Annual Birthday Bash

3. Snow Jam

4. Annual Mad Tuck Race

5. Slush Bowl

6. Moonlight Snowshoe Jaunts

7. Adult Social Night(s)

To sponsor a program or event, the minimum contribution is $250 and this includes promotion of your logo/brand in all print and digital media associated with the event(s), as well as a special ‘Thank You’ mention at the event itself!


Custom Sponsorship Packages


See more than one idea that you like? Or have an idea that we haven’t mentioned here?

Contact our Marketing and Promotions rep to discuss your thoughts. We are always happy to work with you to make sure that you get the brand exposure you’re looking for! 

Contact: [email protected]


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